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Developer: Penpower Inc
Price: £4.99 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)


Need a simple solution to transfer business card info to your iPhone within seconds? Fed up typing company details? One solution to your problem, Business Card Reader/Scanner by Penpower Inc, a very easy method to transfer business card details onto your iPhone within seconds. Place the business card on the table, and take a photo of it (by using this app). The process will start by reading the name, address, phone, email, web, and etc., all details will be inputted on your iPhone.

I have tested out many cards and not all cards work due to light and graphics, so please make sure you are in a good area with some light. Don’t take photos if cards are in business card holder pockets, the visibility is not that good; take out the card and try it that way instead. Some business cards use fancy colourful headers which the app cannot detect the company name, so therefore we would need to enter it manually.

Card Holder – Keeps a log of your business cards (a handy tool just in case the contact has disappeared from your phone book)
Photos – Use existing photos stored under photo albums (very useful when you took photos before)
Signature – Copy and paste the signature info, and transfer it to your phone book. (I love this feature, good job!)
QR Code – Scan QR Code and transfer details to your phone (I haven’t tried out this feature yet, but I know it definitely transfer details over)

Overall it does the job perfectly without any problems, save a lot of time. I would recommend this app to anyone, this app deserve a 9/10 rating.

Demo video coming soon.


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