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Developer: Melesta
Price: £1.49 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

A sequel game from Toy Defense 1, I highly recommend this game and you play this game forever until you complete the whole game! This game is very addictive. I played this game from day one when it was released in the AppStore not long ago (2nd May 2013), and completed the game 4 days ago. I have a problem completing the last level of the game, for some reason the game just stalls; hopefully we will see an update very soon. There is a glitch during the gameplay, if you build more defensive towers and turn them into bomb explosion, fast forward the game and it’ll crashes the app. I thought it will be a one-time crash I have tested couple times and the issue persist. I have reported these issues to the developer, hope they’ll fix it soon so I can finish the game :D


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