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Developer: Innovative Micro Solutions SA
Price: Free (Can be differ at any time, check AppStore)

In the world of Toy Balls!, balls move and roll across a wooden universe with electro zappers lying in wait to toast and zap the innocent balls. Save them by chaining as many balls as possible, in this addictive and innovative game.

Combining intuitive game play, unique ball physics, tricky level puzzles, and crystal clear visuals, Toy Balls! is your perfect fix for hours and hours of endless fun and entertainment!


Toy Balls! combines realistic ball physics with simple, yet accurate, game controls. Swipe your finger across 3 or more balls of the same kind to save them and gain points. It’s that easy to learn and play!

The more balls saved, the more will fall in, pushing them closer to the electro zapper. Think about their physical properties before you chain them. Certain balls will bounce more, while others weigh more, therefore affecting the game play. Every level has different obstacles and electro zappers. It is not always easy to save your balls!

My Review:
This game is very addictive, I have been playing this game since 7pm until now. Completing one level, and trying those 2/3 stars levels. As you play along it gradually speeds up, so you better be quick and match those balls! I highly recommend to anyone who love matching games. This definitely can replace Bejeweled for sure, well to certain people.


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