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I have just checked prices from many websites, and I have found out that European countries selling an iPad at least £420 (16GB WiFi) whilst everyone selling around £335. It is fairly overpriced and we do know we have to pay import and duty taxes, but why does it have to be so high? The £85 difference goes to the taxes which it isn’t fair for our UK and European residents. That’s why we should buy from US directly rather than buying it from here, however you must have a friend overseas to send you the parcel. Below you will see a chart listing out the prices which I have calculated. Prices below based on Wifi versions only.

United Kingdom
United States (0.65)
Singapore (0.48)
Hong Kong (11.87)
France (0.84)
Switzerland (0.62)
CHF 649
CHF 779

Exchanged Rates were calculated on the 20th July 2010 10:20PM

SBSettings is a plugin for your iPad which you can enable/disable settings such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Location, Edge, Phone etc. Additionally there is an option for you to respring your iPad, reboot, power off, lock and safe mode.

First you must have your iPad jailbroken to use this plugin.

1) Go to Cydia
2) Search for SBSettings
3) Install the plugin, respring device.
4) Using your finger, swipe across from left to right at the carrier title (iPad).
5) You can make your amendants in the More menu.