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tablet pc

Here’s another tablet PC which runs on Windows 7 Home Premium, this tablet will be used mainly on business and stuff; anything really.

A full review will be coming soon!

Here it is, my lovely Samsung Galaxy Tab :P only played the tablet for 30 mins as I was too busy playing Asphalt 6 on iPad. Bloody brillant game! Anyway I will be doing sound tests, app reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab which means Android OS. Another OS I need to learn now hehe

A full review will be coming soon!

I hope the next version of the iPad should have a selection of colours to choose from, such as white, blue, purple, green, orange. I know some websites sell coloured iPads with a higher price, and that’s only the 1st generation. Would there be a market for the coloured iPads in the future? Do Apple care about the colour of the device or the functions of the iPad?

Since the iPad is featured as a tablet PC they should add a sound button, which enable/disable the sound of the device. Most users probably want this function on their iPads, rather than pressing hardly on their volume button.