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Price: £29.95 (Price can be differ due to currency exchange rates)


  • Video Downloader for YouTube and over 100,000 other video sites.
  • Music Downloader for GrooveShark, Pandora, Jango and many more.
  • Automatically Converts to all popular device and file formats.
  • iTunes Friendly: Send to iTunes as you go.
  • It’s Fast – Capture videos up to 10x faster than playback speed.
  • It’s Easy – Just surf the web. Anything you watch or listen to is captured.

One of my favourite Mac media recorder, I love using this software. It records anything you stream online, it downloads the file and convert to any extension you select. For less than £30 it’s worth to have on your Windows/Mac. It also captures flash player media such as music and videos.
I have tested a few websites and most websites cannot be recorded. So if you are worried that a media file you tried to download has failed, send me a message and I will try it out for you.

It is the first smart set top box with Android OS of their own in a meaningful sense globally, and sojourners in abroad can install various apps with multilingual versions such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.

The famous suppliers PPS and ATT exclusively cooperation with TVpad, they provide the most wonderful contents including popular TV series from HK, mainland China ,Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and America for oversea Chinese. More Apps, just get TVpad to find the most wonderful TV programs about Entertainment News & Gossip, Variety Shows and Educational TV.

Compared with other similar products, TVpad based on the Android OS is characterized by practical function,easy operation, concise and friendly interface and source stability.  A brand new Apps Garden of TVpad adds the function of  classification search for quick search and installation.

Connections and Ports

  • Audio and video output :HDMI/AV port
  • Network interface:Ethernet / USB2.0 Wi-Fi devices
  • Memory interface
  • Expansion card interface:TF card Slot

If you are a Chinese drama lover, then you gotta get one of these. TVPad is the best streaming media player on the market, stream live through their 12-channel listing. Plus with apps installed onto the device you can watch over 100,000+ movies on demand. 10/10 for TVPad, you buy now on eBay from authorized resellers from as low as £130.

Internet Connection
Supplier said any connection above 2Mb will work. Trust me 2Mb is not enough I think at least 4Mb is the best option. As my home is currently on 2.6Mb I can view the livestream from TVB, movies are watchable if you are willing to wait.

Video Quality
Livestream – Some channels are in standard and high definition. Regardless on the speed you have on your line, this does not really affect the video quality. If you have a HDTV use a HDMI cable rather than a RGB.
Movies – Even movies are listed as BluRay quality, some quality varies.

Overall the video quality is top notch, better than watching movies and dramas online.

You can’t really complain about the channel listing, there are 12 live channels (Chinese&Asian) and there are other apps which you see on the home page. Each app has their own programmes and shows, you can check out more information here. Mixture of English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong movies, some may subtitles. If you know how to read Chinese it shouldn’t be a problem as the Movies app is in Chinese, and people who cannot read such as myself will need to start asking family and friends.

USB and SD Slot
Whilst the TVPad has limited storage there is a built-in SD slot for you to install more apps or store your favourite media files. Alternatively there is a USB port where you can connect a portable hard drive, you can watch any media files on the TVPad without any problems.

Setting It Up
The TVPad installation was so easy even an inexperienced person can install it.

  1. Simply connect your video cable from TVPad into your TV. (I had to connect mine via AV Receiver)
  2. Insert the microSD card into the SD slot
  3. Plug into the power adaper
  4. Wait until it appears on your TV screen, it should take around 30-60 seconds to load (happens all the time, no need to panic)
  5. You should see a homepage with 3 navigation icons on the left and a few apps installed on the main page.
  6. To install more apps, go into App Manager and install the app you want. If there is no English description for the app you can look in here.