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Here it is, my lovely Samsung Galaxy Tab :P only played the tablet for 30 mins as I was too busy playing Asphalt 6 on iPad. Bloody brillant game! Anyway I will be doing sound tests, app reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab which means Android OS. Another OS I need to learn now hehe

A full review will be coming soon!

My 3 iDevices are all jailbroken and I love using Cydia to install 3rd party apps and tweaks. As for an original iDevice it cannot install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak it. I would love to see that Apple can implement more changes to the software such as infinitie apps for categories, theme customization or maybe a queue feature for AppStore. Everytime I scrolled down to 76th app, starts downloading it and installed. Going back to AppStore, and I had to scroll all the way down again. I don’t mind doing that again, but it’s time consuming. I like the way how Cydia manage their packages, confirm the package you want to download, set it queue list and after you have managed to find what you want. Hit confirm to install all packages onto your iDevice.

Let’s hope that Apple will make changes to the software very soon.

Look at this website, another one which I saw on my facebook. Someone recommend this site for unlocks and jailbreaks and it actually worked on him. There are no paid jailbreaks however there is a small fee to unlock your iPhone done by a mobile specialist or via your mobile network provider. Other than that if you are patience you can wait until the free iPhone unlock to release. Which it will be available tomorrow, or some time this week.

Do not pay unlocks/jailbreaks via, save your cash for free unlocks/jailbreaks. Respect the creators work.

I have tested an iPhone 3G (4.0.1) last week, from one task to another. It seems that every task that you want to do is very slow indeed especially accessing via AppStore. It took me longer than 10 minutes to access the Buy Now page, even I have a 19Mbit connection speed still slow. Tried comparing with another 3G running 3.1.3, his phone is much more faster.

Slide to unlock the device is slower by 1-2 second(s), accessing settings, making a phone call is so frustrating. You got to wait at least a few seconds for it to load.

If you own an iPhone 3G avoid updating to iOS4, it will slow down your iPhone dramatically. Wait until Apple has found a solution to this issue then update. I will write a post regarding to this once its release.

I will post a video this week and let you know the results.

Here’s a list of sites that you should highly avoid to purchase jailbreaks and unlocks. All of these sites are using the iPhone hackers’ work. They have no permission in any way to redistribute their software or resell them for cash.

There are many on the web, these sites are the main ones which I found in top results.