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Here’s another scam site, you can almost identify the site’s content is identical; the layout. Definitely avoid, and don’t purchase. If you did, ask for a refund or open a dispute on PayPal.

It has been verified by many users who have not received a single item from Lu Trading company. I highly recommend that you should stay away from this company, and keep your precious money until you find a reliable company.


Hey Will,

Well I tried giving Abo Li from Lu Trading his best shot. He had the NERVE to ask me to write a good review on your site EVEN BEFORE I received my merchandise. .I told him I would NOT LIE FOR HIM or anyone. He then asked for my documents…. for his bank. I said I would deal with the bank directly, he said the bankers did not speak ENglish LOL what bank does not have SOMEONE speaking ENglish in any country today. I am DONE with him. FOund three sellers who have sent FREE samples. It took a long time but there ARE honest ones out there. I just wanted to update this to say BEWARE of LU TRADING they seem to be as bad of a scammer as Master-Mall and all the rest we have all come to know and love LOL.


I can see that Abo definitely is a scam artist, make you write a positive review so he can cheat more money. Anyway his site will be definitely be blacklisted on my blog and plus Google will soon index my pages. And let’s see how long they take down their website. website is SCAM!! Honestgate company is a scam. Do not buy from this website. They offer Paypal and don’t send you any product, tracking number. They don’t even respond to your emails. It is just pain in the butt waiting to get money back from Paypal. I am reporting all their information to Chinese police.

Watch out Peng Yu, Honestgate Scam! Govele Scam. They use Honestgate name on Tradekey.


Thanks Kevin for the post, appreciate it.

You obviously have never dealt with or you are related to them. indeed have a very fancy website that will fool everyone because they claim to be a store of APPLE trademarked products. LIE!! They DO NOT have any products at all. They are just scammers!!! Internet marketing retail scammers involving the use of trademarked product information and images to attract victims. In conclusion, you can go ahead and send them your western union and money gram and say BYE BYE to your money! You hit that one right on the nose. trade-whole took my $1250 and they will pay for it because I am not done getting my justice.


This post was posted by a customer of theirs, Peggy.

Here’s a list of sites that you should highly avoid to purchase jailbreaks and unlocks. All of these sites are using the iPhone hackers’ work. They have no permission in any way to redistribute their software or resell them for cash.

There are many on the web, these sites are the main ones which I found in top results.