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Has this ever happen to you before? The Apple logo stays on your screen for longer than 30 minutes, tried to load in recovery mode and failed?
Basically you cannot do anything else to the iPhone unless you do a full restore to the device. The iPhone itself has a software problem, this happens when you have jailbreaked your iPhone, which my friend’s iPhone went mad earlier on. Apple logo stayed on the device for an hour, then it restart itself, Apple logo stayed on for another 30 mins, and restart the device again.
To resolve this issue you can either take it to your Apple store and ask them to fix it. Or do a full restore which mean no jailbreaking depends the availability of the jailbreak software. I done a full restore on my friend’s iPhone, and it took 45 mins to download and restore the device. iPhone 3G takes quite a long time to restore, no wonder they made a 3GS.
If the Apple logo stays on the device and you have tried restoring and it does not help. Or the logo does not fade away. I advised you to take it to your Apple store and they will be happy to assist you.

SBSettings is a plugin for your iPad which you can enable/disable settings such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Location, Edge, Phone etc. Additionally there is an option for you to respring your iPad, reboot, power off, lock and safe mode.

First you must have your iPad jailbroken to use this plugin.

1) Go to Cydia
2) Search for SBSettings
3) Install the plugin, respring device.
4) Using your finger, swipe across from left to right at the carrier title (iPad).
5) You can make your amendants in the More menu.