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Do you want custom ringtones for your iPhone? Default ringtones sound dull, why not have your favourite artist on your iPhone today. Your iPhone must be jailbroken to use this feature (there is an alternative way, will be posting a guide up very soon), and you can use your existing songs for your ringtone.

1) Go to Cydia and Search for Ringtones3
2) Install the app
3) You should see the app on your Home Screen. Tap on it.
4) A picture of a guitar is displayed, wait a few moment.
5) Tap on Start Converting
6) List of your playlists, albums, songs on the page. Select your chosen song.
7) You will have 2 options, for quick and easy process. Tap on Quick Conversion.
8) Wait a minute or two.
9) Upon completion, go to Home Screen.
10) Settings >>> Sounds >>> Ringtone
11) Select your converted ringtone as your default ringtone.

Note: This plugin does not work on the latest firmware iOS4

I have tested an iPhone 3G (4.0.1) last week, from one task to another. It seems that every task that you want to do is very slow indeed especially accessing via AppStore. It took me longer than 10 minutes to access the Buy Now page, even I have a 19Mbit connection speed still slow. Tried comparing with another 3G running 3.1.3, his phone is much more faster.

Slide to unlock the device is slower by 1-2 second(s), accessing settings, making a phone call is so frustrating. You got to wait at least a few seconds for it to load.

If you own an iPhone 3G avoid updating to iOS4, it will slow down your iPhone dramatically. Wait until Apple has found a solution to this issue then update. I will write a post regarding to this once its release.

I will post a video this week and let you know the results.

This question has been on various websites, people asking whether to jailbreak or not. Is it worth it though? I really want to jailbreak my iPhone 4, I need the software now!

The iPhone 4 has nearly everything you want categories (storing over 2000 apps), multi-tasking (do more than 1 task), facetime (video calling), HD Video Recording and so on. Apple has added so many improvements to the software it is not required to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Unless you want to customize the theme, add third-party apps, plugins, tweaks, cracked apps (which I do not approve).


  • Add third-party apps
  • Theme Customization
  • Add Plugins, Tweaks
  • Access root, files, modify
  • Install cracked apps


  • Most apps do not work properly with your iPhone/firmware
  • New iTunes software, cannot sync
  • Sync is disallowed in iTunes
  • If jailbreak messes up your iPhone, you got to restore everything on your iPhone. You can restore back to 3.1.3 or 4.0 if you have saved your SHSH blobs.
  • Awaiting new jailbreak software

Once I receive my iPhone 4 I won’t jailbreak it, keep it original. I’ll keep posting jailbreaking tips using my iPod Touch 3G.

Has this ever happen to you before? The Apple logo stays on your screen for longer than 30 minutes, tried to load in recovery mode and failed?
Basically you cannot do anything else to the iPhone unless you do a full restore to the device. The iPhone itself has a software problem, this happens when you have jailbreaked your iPhone, which my friend’s iPhone went mad earlier on. Apple logo stayed on the device for an hour, then it restart itself, Apple logo stayed on for another 30 mins, and restart the device again.
To resolve this issue you can either take it to your Apple store and ask them to fix it. Or do a full restore which mean no jailbreaking depends the availability of the jailbreak software. I done a full restore on my friend’s iPhone, and it took 45 mins to download and restore the device. iPhone 3G takes quite a long time to restore, no wonder they made a 3GS.
If the Apple logo stays on the device and you have tried restoring and it does not help. Or the logo does not fade away. I advised you to take it to your Apple store and they will be happy to assist you.

Most people are getting really excited about the latest iDevice from Apple, it’s iPod Touch 4th Generation. It has been said that this device might have a 5 megapixel camera built-in plus a front facing camera. This sounds interesting especially to the people who do not want to spend hundreds of pounds of getting the iPhone 4 when you can have the same specs without the phone mode. Ideally if you are thinking to have a music player or a device to play games, watch videos and using apps then the iPod Touch is suitable for you.

I really wonder what other things they added to the iPod Touch, we haven’t seen much cooler stuff yet. I have seen many prototypes of the iPod Touch 4G, I guess it’s the same design as iPod Touch 3rd Generation with additional cameras built-in.