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ipod touch 4th generation

App Summary
The revolutionary music / rhythm game that lets you play music tap game with your own music!

- Instantly start playing with ANY of your iPod music!
- Automatic & precise notes generation!
- Both portrait and landscape game modes available!
- Various game themes available! And even more coming in next versions!
- Experience and level system!
- Earn coins by playing games and exchange coins for TapCash!
- Use TapCash to unlock new themes!

I have been finding this game for a long time, I’m bored with games with the same songs. Especially with Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, etc. With this game you can select your own tunes on your iPod, it’ll process tap notes for you and there you go. Tap Tap Dance with your own iPod music. Worth buying it if you are a Tap Tap Dance lover!

Use your own iPod Music, Portrait and Landscape Modes

None so far.

Rating: 4/5

Developer: Zentertain Ltd
Price: £0.59 (Price differ at any time, check AppStore)

Most people are getting really excited about the latest iDevice from Apple, it’s iPod Touch 4th Generation. It has been said that this device might have a 5 megapixel camera built-in plus a front facing camera. This sounds interesting especially to the people who do not want to spend hundreds of pounds of getting the iPhone 4 when you can have the same specs without the phone mode. Ideally if you are thinking to have a music player or a device to play games, watch videos and using apps then the iPod Touch is suitable for you.

I really wonder what other things they added to the iPod Touch, we haven’t seen much cooler stuff yet. I have seen many prototypes of the iPod Touch 4G, I guess it’s the same design as iPod Touch 3rd Generation with additional cameras built-in.