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iphone 5th generation

My 3 iDevices are all jailbroken and I love using Cydia to install 3rd party apps and tweaks. As for an original iDevice it cannot install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak it. I would love to see that Apple can implement more changes to the software such as infinitie apps for categories, theme customization or maybe a queue feature for AppStore. Everytime I scrolled down to 76th app, starts downloading it and installed. Going back to AppStore, and I had to scroll all the way down again. I don’t mind doing that again, but it’s time consuming. I like the way how Cydia manage their packages, confirm the package you want to download, set it queue list and after you have managed to find what you want. Hit confirm to install all packages onto your iDevice.

Let’s hope that Apple will make changes to the software very soon.

I have been thinking in my head, what’s the next iPhone going to have? Would it be even more slimmer? Faster processor? Treble the memory? Longer lasting battery life? Slimmer would be ideal and not so wide it would be great, our pockets aren’t that big. Although business users tend to use these smartphones as they keep theirs in their suitcases, bags, or in larger pocket areas etc.

Would they call it as iPhone 5, the 5th generation of the iPhone. Or maybe call it as iPhone 4GS? It’s still very early to discuss about it, as the iPhone 4 has just released so I think we got to wait around January 2011 for the news. How about the design? Do you think it will look better than the iPhone 4? There are many fake photos around the net, so don’t trust them they are not real.

Never thought any features that they’ll be adding on the iPhone, need to think about it first then I will write another post next month or so. I hope they can add flash, but by the looks of Steve Jobs; I highly doubt the Flash will be on the iDevices.