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iphone 4s

Had to get one since my iPhone 4 is acting up, the home button is kinda screwed; I had to press multiple times to get into the multitasking menu and 3 times to get back to the home screen.

Plus I do not have any issues with the battery it works perfectly fine, tried leaving it for a day and only 3% drop. Not bad eh? I even turned on the wifi and bluetooth, will do further tests soon.

Apparently my parcel has been returned to Carphone Warehouse due to the fact Yodel cannot find me plus Carphone Warehouse kinda screwed up the addresses, the billing and the shipping address. Even though they used the billing address, the house can be reached easily. I am not very happy with this service at all, from Carphone Warehouse and Yodel. I even called up Yodel about my parcel’s status, one of their staff says it will be delivered by today or tomorrow. Nothing came on my doorstep, had to call up and it’s stating the item will be returned to sender. So it takes 2-3 days to return the item, and another 7 days to credit my card. I should of brought the iPhone from Apple directly, what a waste of time.

Received bad service from Yodel, post your stories at this link

Finally, Apple has announced the next generation of the iPhone and guess what? It is not the iPhone 5, it’s an iPhone 4S, exactly same design on the outside but different for the inside. They have managed to use the same processor as the iPad 2, upgraded the camera and added extra few bits and bobs to the phone.

I am very disappointed with Apple, I was expecting an iPhone 5 this year as my contract is up for a renewal in January. Planned to have a nice fresh iPhone, but since it’s a similar design and upgraded performance I wouldn’t bother upgrading it or even buy it. The only thing that attract me is the iOS5, which consists over 200 features and I love that Siri feature. I would love to talk to my iPhone and ask random questions :D

So is it worth to buy the iPhone 4S?
Apparently the iPhone 4S will cost you at least £499 for 16GB. Alternative you can purchase the iPhone 4 from £429. If you really want a high performance dual core processor phone, then go with iPhone 4S. I would personally go with iPhone 4.

Shall I wait for the next generation?
It is up to you. I currently have an iPhone 4 and I’m happy with my iPhone. iOS5 surely will go smoothly without any issues, regardless if I had that iPhone 4S. But if you have the iPhone 4, it is worth a wait for the iPhone 5 to be release next year.

Remember iPhone 4S is very similar to the iPhone 4, just the processor, camera, battery and wireless are different.