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iphone 4

Finally, Apple has announced the next generation of the iPhone and guess what? It is not the iPhone 5, it’s an iPhone 4S, exactly same design on the outside but different for the inside. They have managed to use the same processor as the iPad 2, upgraded the camera and added extra few bits and bobs to the phone.

I am very disappointed with Apple, I was expecting an iPhone 5 this year as my contract is up for a renewal in January. Planned to have a nice fresh iPhone, but since it’s a similar design and upgraded performance I wouldn’t bother upgrading it or even buy it. The only thing that attract me is the iOS5, which consists over 200 features and I love that Siri feature. I would love to talk to my iPhone and ask random questions :D

So is it worth to buy the iPhone 4S?
Apparently the iPhone 4S will cost you at least £499 for 16GB. Alternative you can purchase the iPhone 4 from £429. If you really want a high performance dual core processor phone, then go with iPhone 4S. I would personally go with iPhone 4.

Shall I wait for the next generation?
It is up to you. I currently have an iPhone 4 and I’m happy with my iPhone. iOS5 surely will go smoothly without any issues, regardless if I had that iPhone 4S. But if you have the iPhone 4, it is worth a wait for the iPhone 5 to be release next year.

Remember iPhone 4S is very similar to the iPhone 4, just the processor, camera, battery and wireless are different.

So you get the point, iPhone 5 may or may not have dual cores. But why dual cores especially for the next generation iPhone. iPhone 4 is fast enough to support games and software, I understand having a greater processor can support high end games. It’s a good idea for Apple to focus more on iPad rather than iPhone. I wouldn’t be too surprise if the “iPhone 6″ have quad cores at that time. Try and image your phone running on 8 processors, that will be insane. Good for iPad :P not for iPhone.

I really want to see a SD card slot or something can catch my attention. If the next generation iPhone is the same as before, I’m not going to bother to get one. It depends if I have the cash at that time, I’m surely will buy one for my wifey.

Very similar to Talking Tom Cat, but this app is even more cute. It’s free to download from the AppStore. Definitely worth to download, it has recording features and share function. You can share your recorded clips on FaceBook, Twitter and etc.

My 3 iDevices are all jailbroken and I love using Cydia to install 3rd party apps and tweaks. As for an original iDevice it cannot install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak it. I would love to see that Apple can implement more changes to the software such as infinitie apps for categories, theme customization or maybe a queue feature for AppStore. Everytime I scrolled down to 76th app, starts downloading it and installed. Going back to AppStore, and I had to scroll all the way down again. I don’t mind doing that again, but it’s time consuming. I like the way how Cydia manage their packages, confirm the package you want to download, set it queue list and after you have managed to find what you want. Hit confirm to install all packages onto your iDevice.

Let’s hope that Apple will make changes to the software very soon.

App Summary
The revolutionary music / rhythm game that lets you play music tap game with your own music!

- Instantly start playing with ANY of your iPod music!
- Automatic & precise notes generation!
- Both portrait and landscape game modes available!
- Various game themes available! And even more coming in next versions!
- Experience and level system!
- Earn coins by playing games and exchange coins for TapCash!
- Use TapCash to unlock new themes!

I have been finding this game for a long time, I’m bored with games with the same songs. Especially with Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, etc. With this game you can select your own tunes on your iPod, it’ll process tap notes for you and there you go. Tap Tap Dance with your own iPod music. Worth buying it if you are a Tap Tap Dance lover!

Use your own iPod Music, Portrait and Landscape Modes

None so far.

Rating: 4/5

Developer: Zentertain Ltd
Price: £0.59 (Price differ at any time, check AppStore)

I have been super busy lately, study and work at the same time. Man I need a vacation now, I want to see my beautiful mrs, she’s waiting for me now. First I need to save up some cash then I’ll be seeing her again.

I know Apple has released a few gadgets over the past weeks iPod Nano 6th Gen, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch 4th Gen, what’s next a second generation iPad??? I do think the iPod Nano 6th Gen is a quite a nice design, but I wouldn’t go for it if you already own an iPod Nano. Save it for other gadgets instead. No point getting the iPod Touch 4th Gen if you have the iPhone 4. Unless you don’t have an iPhone 4, you can go ahead and get it. iPhone 4 is worth getting than the iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Lately my iPhone 4 is having reception problems, anywhere I go I get 3 bars or less. I’m not covering the grip, still drops. Not just that I also have issues with MMS I wonder if it’s my service provider or the phone itself. I will be posting up iPhone 4 Battery Tests and Signal Tests shortly.

I have done a full restore on my iPhone 3GS as it was crashing all the time, it must be one of the plugins I’ve installed. Even though there are no issues with the 3GS I still got to restore it. When you already have jailbroken your iPhone, it’s highly recommended to do a full restore again for the new firmware and jailbreak.

At the moment I have tested using Vodafone sim card, will try the Orange once my sister is back from the dentist. Then I will give you an update later today.

Do you want custom ringtones for your iPhone? Default ringtones sound dull, why not have your favourite artist on your iPhone today. Your iPhone must be jailbroken to use this feature (there is an alternative way, will be posting a guide up very soon), and you can use your existing songs for your ringtone.

1) Go to Cydia and Search for Ringtones3
2) Install the app
3) You should see the app on your Home Screen. Tap on it.
4) A picture of a guitar is displayed, wait a few moment.
5) Tap on Start Converting
6) List of your playlists, albums, songs on the page. Select your chosen song.
7) You will have 2 options, for quick and easy process. Tap on Quick Conversion.
8) Wait a minute or two.
9) Upon completion, go to Home Screen.
10) Settings >>> Sounds >>> Ringtone
11) Select your converted ringtone as your default ringtone.

Note: This plugin does not work on the latest firmware iOS4

This question has been on various websites, people asking whether to jailbreak or not. Is it worth it though? I really want to jailbreak my iPhone 4, I need the software now!

The iPhone 4 has nearly everything you want categories (storing over 2000 apps), multi-tasking (do more than 1 task), facetime (video calling), HD Video Recording and so on. Apple has added so many improvements to the software it is not required to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Unless you want to customize the theme, add third-party apps, plugins, tweaks, cracked apps (which I do not approve).


  • Add third-party apps
  • Theme Customization
  • Add Plugins, Tweaks
  • Access root, files, modify
  • Install cracked apps


  • Most apps do not work properly with your iPhone/firmware
  • New iTunes software, cannot sync
  • Sync is disallowed in iTunes
  • If jailbreak messes up your iPhone, you got to restore everything on your iPhone. You can restore back to 3.1.3 or 4.0 if you have saved your SHSH blobs.
  • Awaiting new jailbreak software

Once I receive my iPhone 4 I won’t jailbreak it, keep it original. I’ll keep posting jailbreaking tips using my iPod Touch 3G.