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I have been waiting for this for a long time, ever since I placed an order on Apple store on the 22nd of June I have been waiting days and weeks for this to arrive in the post. I also ordered a blue smart cover to go along with the iPad 2. Will be using it later today and installing my favourite games Asphalt6 :P

Do you want custom ringtones for your iPhone? Default ringtones sound dull, why not have your favourite artist on your iPhone today. Your iPhone must be jailbroken to use this feature (there is an alternative way, will be posting a guide up very soon), and you can use your existing songs for your ringtone.

1) Go to Cydia and Search for Ringtones3
2) Install the app
3) You should see the app on your Home Screen. Tap on it.
4) A picture of a guitar is displayed, wait a few moment.
5) Tap on Start Converting
6) List of your playlists, albums, songs on the page. Select your chosen song.
7) You will have 2 options, for quick and easy process. Tap on Quick Conversion.
8) Wait a minute or two.
9) Upon completion, go to Home Screen.
10) Settings >>> Sounds >>> Ringtone
11) Select your converted ringtone as your default ringtone.

Note: This plugin does not work on the latest firmware iOS4

I hope the next version of the iPad should have a selection of colours to choose from, such as white, blue, purple, green, orange. I know some websites sell coloured iPads with a higher price, and that’s only the 1st generation. Would there be a market for the coloured iPads in the future? Do Apple care about the colour of the device or the functions of the iPad?

Since the iPad is featured as a tablet PC they should add a sound button, which enable/disable the sound of the device. Most users probably want this function on their iPads, rather than pressing hardly on their volume button.

We have the amazing 1st generation iPad now and there’s a 2nd generation iPad coming out maybe next year. What do you think Apple going to add? Webcam? Flash, if Steve decided to change his mind? Additional ports? TV-Out Enabled? I’m hoping that the next generation iPad should have a built-in webcam and ports. Webcam is convenient for many users such as myself, can use it via instant messengers or take a quick snaps of ourselves. Ports added into the iPad would be a bonus, charging your portable media players or you might have mini USB gadgets. I’m not a fan of Flash so I don’t mind if they have Flash enable or not. I doubt it will happen, as Steve Jobs dislikes the software. As long the media players work fine on Safari, as you may know that some websites have media players built-in such as Windows Media and RealPlayer. It would be ideal to see it happening, for the time being all we see is a blue box with a question mark.

Earlier on I read a news article saying that the next generation iPad going to come in different sizes. This is getting interesting I wonder how much would it cost when it comes out. Not too long yet I think 6-8 months we should hear the announcement from WWDC next year.

What do you think we might have on the next generation?