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Developer: Kedlin Company LLC
iTunes Link:
Price: Free (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Passing through the x-ray machines is a terrified experience when you have something inside that you are not meant to carry into the plane. Once you’ve been searched by an officer you will have to go through their paperwork and a penalty will be applied. Why not become a customs officer today? Catch those passengers who carry illegal items. But how? Download this game, Airport Scanner

Today is your chance to become a customs officer, scan and search through their bags and suitcases. Airport Scanner is a fun, additive and entertaining game to play; you can never lift off your finger off this game for sure. Very challenging as you complete each level, a store is available to purchase addons such as turbo scanner, super x-ray, x-ray bucks etc. Well worth to download on your iPhone or iPad, you can never stop playing this game. 9/10


Developer: dreamfab
Price: £0.69 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Yello, a helpless goldfish at the mercy of his 7-year-old owner, Mathilda who loves playing with him outside his beloved bowl. You must fling Yello back to safety. Get even and destroy Mathilda’s toys along the way!

Fan of Angry Birds? Cartoon shooting games? This game is very addictive, great for young kids or anyone who love puzzle games. The game cost 69p and what a bargain, it’s also available on iPad. I’m sure I can play this game everyday until I complete those episodes. 10/10

Developer: OMGPOP
Price: FREE or £0.69 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Available on Android as well –

A drawing game competing other users by guessing the image that you have drawn on the screen. Three words will be displayed on screen, and you have to choose one of the word and draw it. Your friend has the option to select the letters from the box and guess the image. If they could not guess the image then they can use the hint button and skip onto the next challenge.

The game is fun and entertaining, can bring tears to your eyes sometimes. Often you do not know what your friend is trying to draw, a great way to start off your day. Download today and start having fun! You can challenge me if you want, my username is bluazn

A video I would like to share out to Hakka people. If you understand Hakka then you gotta watch this.

Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: £0.69 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Here’s another game I would like to recommend, Jelly Defense. All those little creatures wanna snatch those crystals, to stop preventing them taking it away we have to build a defense structure. Must follow tutorial at first time, I didn’t have a clue how to set it up. Overall the game was fun, can be addictive if you continue to play longer. I stopped for now, will carry on later tonight and see if I’ll end up playing it very late.

I am seriously addicted to this game now, I love it very much. I like the background music, very cute. This game is definitely 10/10 for me, it’s fun and you cannot stop playing it. If you don’t have this game on your iPad or iPhone, get it now. You won’t be disappointed.

Very similar to Talking Tom Cat, but this app is even more cute. It’s free to download from the AppStore. Definitely worth to download, it has recording features and share function. You can share your recorded clips on FaceBook, Twitter and etc.