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Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Just downloaded the app today on my Galaxy Note 2 and it works great without any issues. I’ve heard reviews that this app drains your mobile handset quite badly so I will do a test later this week and see how many percent it’ll drop overnight (12 hours). Few integrations I want to see within the Facebook Home such as profiles and messenger. Keep up the good work, I’m hoping to see more good features in the near future.

Swipe to the right and view timeline.

Tap on the screen to view cover photo.

Tap and hold on profile photo, and drag either to Messenger, Apps, Etc.

Tap on top left corner picture to access their profile, and press back on your handset to return to Facebook Home.

Double tap to like the post.

To comment tap on the Comment icon or Comments (bottom right).

To change settings or report bugs, tap on the settings button on your handset. (Button may differ on handsets, check with Facebook Home first)

Yes! Apple will be releasing the iPad 2 on March 11th 2011. Not long now for the Americans to grab their precious Apple device. So the iPad 2 has the dual core A5 chip, faster graphics card, HDMI supported, Facetime and cameras. But still we have the 10 hour battery life, was hoping for more. Especially when playing game they run out so fast, after an hour or two on Need for Speed the battery goes down from 100% to 45%.

Apple iPad 2

More information, click the link above. I wonder what’s next for the iPad 3.

Look at this website, another one which I saw on my facebook. Someone recommend this site for unlocks and jailbreaks and it actually worked on him. There are no paid jailbreaks however there is a small fee to unlock your iPhone done by a mobile specialist or via your mobile network provider. Other than that if you are patience you can wait until the free iPhone unlock to release. Which it will be available tomorrow, or some time this week.

Do not pay unlocks/jailbreaks via, save your cash for free unlocks/jailbreaks. Respect the creators work.