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Do you have problems with your delivery courier? Parcel not being delivered to the correct address or marked as lost parcel? Do you believe in timed deliveries?

I have a recommendation to you folks out there, if you ever need a good delivery courier then you got to look out for DPD. I had many parcels being delivered in the past by DPD. They also provide you a time of your delivery, bonus. Now you never need to worry about the courier anymore. DPD is the best in the UK, scrap others and go with DPD now. Friendly drivers as always.

This company deserves a ‘Thumbs-Up” badge.

Couple days ago I called up Carphone Warehouse due to the fact they did not return my money back to my Amex account. Carphone Warehouse also called Yodel for my parcel status, and investigate further; they promised to call me in the next 48 hours. And guess what they did not call me I had to call them back again. Apparently Yodel has lost my parcel so therefore Carphone Warehouse will be making a claim towards Yodel, and returning my funds to Amex in the 14 working days by cheque. Sweet.

So folks if you ever gonna get a delivery from Yodel, check the consumer first for terms and conditions. It shows that Yodel has lost its reputation by satisfying us and the fact they lose parcels everyday.

Received bad service from Yodel, post your stories at this link

Delivery Service, On Time? I guess not.
Few years back they were top notch, delivering my parcels before 12pm that I paid a few extra pounds on top. Now I’m very disappointed about their delivery times, I still go ahead and request before noon delivery as I have work in the afternoon (sometimes). They come at ridiculous times that is no where near my specific time request. At one day I requested for noon, and they arrived at 5.15pm the delivery driver told me I was the last one on the list and his last drop. Why me? I mean the nearest depot is 10 miles away from my home and I know he’s not the only one delivering our parcels, right? There are a couple or maybe 10s of vans going around the county.

But anyway I would not recommend to use their timed delivery slots, a waste of time and money. Stick to your normal shipping. Generally you expect your delivery around morning and noon, or maybe you think it will be the same time as previous. No. You’re wrong. They only deliver to your area when there is another recipient waiting for theirs. I even asked them when they delivered to mine very late in the evening, ..”I delivered all areas today, except here as you’re the only one on the list and this is my last drop…” What!? Last drop, whether I’m last, it’s not fair right? Even I’m not in, I placed a note on the window to leave my parcel with the neighbours. They ignored and left a card instead, until the third time they decided to return the item back to sender. (All the way to Scotland) Definitely not worth choosing this company to deliver your parcel, try to avoid. I personally hate them whenever they handle my parcel. Few of my parcels have been damaged before, no compensation on my claims. Why can’t Argos choose DHL or ParcelForce, why HDNL!?

Now they have changed their name to Yodel, what is the difference anyway? Although name has changed but the reputation has been a downside, it’ll take them a couple of years to build it up or even never.