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Developer: Producer of Free Music Manager, Lite HD Screen Maker & Pro Safe Photo App – Leping Li
Price: Free (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

I tested out this app and I must say this app is not the best. The app is cool to send coloured text messages but then again, check out the bad points before using it.

  • Limited to 12 characters per line
  • Limited to 44 characters per text
  • Copy/Paste content to Messages
  • Uses MMS

I do not recommend this app even it’s a paid app you should avoid it, and use the standard bubbles on your iPhone. It’s basically copying the image to your message content which becomes a MMS. Best to check if you have free picture messages before sending it, you know how much it cost per MMS (Network price varies). Sometimes the image cannot be sent to the recipient as file too big, create less texts and that will solve the problem. 2/10

I hope the next version of the iPad should have a selection of colours to choose from, such as white, blue, purple, green, orange. I know some websites sell coloured iPads with a higher price, and that’s only the 1st generation. Would there be a market for the coloured iPads in the future? Do Apple care about the colour of the device or the functions of the iPad?

Since the iPad is featured as a tablet PC they should add a sound button, which enable/disable the sound of the device. Most users probably want this function on their iPads, rather than pressing hardly on their volume button.