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I have been waiting for this for a long time, ever since I placed an order on Apple store on the 22nd of June I have been waiting days and weeks for this to arrive in the post. I also ordered a blue smart cover to go along with the iPad 2. Will be using it later today and installing my favourite games Asphalt6 :P

Here it is, my lovely Samsung Galaxy Tab :P only played the tablet for 30 mins as I was too busy playing Asphalt 6 on iPad. Bloody brillant game! Anyway I will be doing sound tests, app reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab which means Android OS. Another OS I need to learn now hehe

A full review will be coming soon!

This question has been on various websites, people asking whether to jailbreak or not. Is it worth it though? I really want to jailbreak my iPhone 4, I need the software now!

The iPhone 4 has nearly everything you want categories (storing over 2000 apps), multi-tasking (do more than 1 task), facetime (video calling), HD Video Recording and so on. Apple has added so many improvements to the software it is not required to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Unless you want to customize the theme, add third-party apps, plugins, tweaks, cracked apps (which I do not approve).


  • Add third-party apps
  • Theme Customization
  • Add Plugins, Tweaks
  • Access root, files, modify
  • Install cracked apps


  • Most apps do not work properly with your iPhone/firmware
  • New iTunes software, cannot sync
  • Sync is disallowed in iTunes
  • If jailbreak messes up your iPhone, you got to restore everything on your iPhone. You can restore back to 3.1.3 or 4.0 if you have saved your SHSH blobs.
  • Awaiting new jailbreak software

Once I receive my iPhone 4 I won’t jailbreak it, keep it original. I’ll keep posting jailbreaking tips using my iPod Touch 3G.