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Hill Climb Racing iPhone Android Game Addictive

Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free (Price can be differ check at AppStore)

This game is very addictive, great job to the Fingersoft developers of this game. You may find it tricky to pass each hill just remember to brake each time you’re going down a slope. It works for me though. Collect as many coins as you can, use the coins to buy car upgrades such as engine, suspension etc. 10/10

HTC One X is the first handset with quad core processor built-in with a lovely 1GB RAM and 32GB storage. The platform for this handset is Android with HTC Sense. It does not have a microSD slot which it is a bit of downside for me, I love adding music and pictures; and when it comes to 32GB it’s not enough for me. The screen is very beautiful, the touch screen is fantastic very responsive to all apps I have navigate. Camera is outstanding, will try out the recording feature at later stage. Full review will be up shortly.

A picture was taken earlier by using HTC One X  –

Developer: OMGPOP
Price: FREE or £0.69 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Available on Android as well –

A drawing game competing other users by guessing the image that you have drawn on the screen. Three words will be displayed on screen, and you have to choose one of the word and draw it. Your friend has the option to select the letters from the box and guess the image. If they could not guess the image then they can use the hint button and skip onto the next challenge.

The game is fun and entertaining, can bring tears to your eyes sometimes. Often you do not know what your friend is trying to draw, a great way to start off your day. Download today and start having fun! You can challenge me if you want, my username is bluazn

Here it is, my lovely Samsung Galaxy Tab :P only played the tablet for 30 mins as I was too busy playing Asphalt 6 on iPad. Bloody brillant game! Anyway I will be doing sound tests, app reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab which means Android OS. Another OS I need to learn now hehe

A full review will be coming soon!