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You got to be kidding, WE can unlock our iPhone with iOS 5.0.1. Come on, unlocks are not available on the net plus no jailbreak software has release. Plus it’s a scam anyways, they’ll definitely give you the redsn0w tutorial and limera1n/jailbreakme software.


24 Responses to – Scam

  • ygal says:

    you got to be kidding us
    i had problem unlocking with the competition their software was incomplete
    i bought superunlock and miracle it works
    so probably you are a beginner
    study the issue before criticizing B)

  • Will says:

    Do you know it’s free to unlock an iPhone?

  • as says:

    it said it can unlock any iphone, but obvious can not unlock 04.11.08 baseband, and will not return your money once you were hooked

  • moldovanu says:

    hello everyone .. that fucking site it,s a SCAM .. they give to you a fucking tutorial…
    what a fuck????

  • higgs says:

    complete scam. I didn’t look into unlocking my iphone 4 very well. I paid for, downloaded the software and all I got was redsn0w and a tutorial. I have a 5.0.1 with baseband 4.11.08, so the unlock did not work. They have not responded to my email for support or refund

  • jesse says:

    these people are some bottom feeding fags they stay hidden behind closed doors tickeling eachothers prostates i thnk we should forse paypal to five us their info we have a right to know how to get in touch with a live person.
    removing money from your account with out your permissin and or misleading u or tricking you into something that they dont intend to give u is called fraud punishable by up too 6 years in the federal pen.
    by law they must devulge that info im going to write them a letter i suggest you all do the same so that dont keep geting away with this and thier website still has that false advertisemnent up

  • Martin Kevin says:

    its all scam you can access that page without paid too its really a big scam …

    here is the page after you purchase:

    its directly access to every one so its useless to pay they are f***kers they stole the money thats all ..

  • Roman says: – it is absolutely all SCAM. I think the only think we can do is just make everybody aware about this and publishing direct access to the information i.e. wherever it is possible using social media (facebook, linkedin, etc…)

  • reuven amir says:

    they are scammers,not there software (redsnow) not working and money back(the say 100% satisfactory!)

  • Anu says:


    Thank you very much Will. I was just about to purchase. I could give that money for Charity. Not to this kind of bastards!!!

    I think we should complain this to paypal not to support them.

  • samer says:

    its a scam software (big joke) worn every body to get the bustard out.

  • mine says: is a big scam !!! they take your monay and you get chit..

    scam! scam ! they are a big time scam !!

  • Michael says: is a scam and their software did not work, paypal would not give a refund because it was ‘Digital Goods’ BEWARE LIARS AND CHEATERS!

  • Tino Borges says:

    I was Robbed by this site! I purchased the Unlock Fake stuff and it did not work with Bell Canada, and these bastards told me they would send me a refund, well, it was 3 Months ago! Stay away from this site!!!

  • John Alves says:

    This site can not be trusted! they are fake and steal your money, they robbed me but Paypal forced them to give me a refund! the Unlock for Iphone 4S does not work!!

  • Gina says:

    Thank you guys! I was going to buy their product, you can’t be all wrong, thank you

  • Tom says:

    Thank you for the info. Great that people like you let us others know – before doing anything stupid.

  • banner says:

    superunlockiphone is a scam. they dont have unlock for ios 5 now even some of the firmwars of 4 so dont get scammed and if you do call the safecart that was used in your purchase. they refunded me instantly. 1-855-432-0727
    Toll Free UK 0800 408 3985
    Europe +44 1429 243124

  • Suzanne Wyse says:

    I am wondering if this company is related to, since it did not work, i got the same/identical link that Kevin Martin got (march 2012 comment), at and it also did not work it nearly bricked my phone. These people are crooks.
    everyone is using absinthe and cydia, could someone tell me if using this absinthe and cydia if anyone was successful in locking their iphone…..

  • Tino Borges says:

    This guys are nothing but a bunch of thieves, scam bags, they can not unlock any Iphone, they steal your money on line and Paypal Helps them! DO NOT LET THEM STEAL YOUR MONEY, don nuy it, they robbed me!!

  • Diamantino says:

    superunlockiphone IS A SITE that steals money on line! I was Robbed by these scam bags! stay away from sending money to these Thieves! Their mothers should have aborted them before they were born, this World does not need any more scam and Thives like them!

  • Theresa says:

    I was tempted to buy this “miracle” but thought I’d just do a little research since they didn’t have a phone number for customer service and didn’t respond to 2 emails. So glad I discovered in time they are fraudsters. This site should be shut down and people should be prosecuted. Big “Thank You” to those who blew the whistle on them!

  • Geoff says:

    What a waste of time – and money. Just links you to procedures already on the internet. No software. Despite assurances, no money back. Best avoided.

  • Jeff says:

    As others have posted, there is no “software” that automatically unlocks your iPhone. Rather, they provide downloads that are available for free elsewhere and a set of instructions (not very good) to jailbreak and unlock SOME iPhones. It did not work for mine due to 05.16.05 baseband, which they acknowledged in an e-mail, but never refunded my money as requested.

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