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Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Just downloaded the app today on my Galaxy Note 2 and it works great without any issues. I’ve heard reviews that this app drains your mobile handset quite badly so I will do a test later this week and see how many percent it’ll drop overnight (12 hours). Few integrations I want to see within the Facebook Home such as profiles and messenger. Keep up the good work, I’m hoping to see more good features in the near future.

Swipe to the right and view timeline.

Tap on the screen to view cover photo.

Tap and hold on profile photo, and drag either to Messenger, Apps, Etc.

Tap on top left corner picture to access their profile, and press back on your handset to return to Facebook Home.

Double tap to like the post.

To comment tap on the Comment icon or Comments (bottom right).

To change settings or report bugs, tap on the settings button on your handset. (Button may differ on handsets, check with Facebook Home first)


Photo 11-04-2013 12 10 30

Developer: Mobiles’ Republic
Price: Free (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Appy Geek is the best newsfeed for all technology fanatics out there, it outsource from Engadget, CNET, TechCrunch, G Style, TabTimes, Reuters, TUAW, AFP, SlashGear and many more. You can select as many feeds you want to display on your home screen. I highly recommend this app to any tech fan, download now it’s free to use.


Every year Apple has the same feature on all iOS devices and most of us are already bored with their features. They haven’t updated much for the notification, mail, app store, lockscreen, wifi, homescreen etc.

NoticationPhoto 19-03-2013 09 41 31
It would be nice to see Apple adding toggle icons at the top of the notification bar, a good easy way to switch off wifi, airplane mode or bluetooth. Apple must add this feature, mobile users are missing it alot.

<<< Screenshot beside is a jailbroken iPhone 5. I added SBSettings onto the notification along with Kamera, BiteSMS, Wifi. It is a lot easier to navigate connectivity on your screen rather than accessing the Settings app, one menu by another (surely it’s very time consuming).


App Store
Throughout the AppStore many apps are paid but it’ll be good to see demo apps. Trying it out for a period of time, then buy the app outright. I have a few apps which I saw last week and I really want to try them out, too bad the app costs £13.49 it’s way too expensive to buy. You never know if the app work on your iDevice, may crash during the process of a command.

They definitely need to sort out the wifi connection even I have updated to the latest firmware on my iPhone and iPad Mini I still get the 1-2 wifi bar(s) even though my iPad 3 is getting a full bar at all times. I had to add an extra powerline adapter in the house for the sake of my iDevices.


  • Adding colours to important emails or accounts.
  • Search through date


Photo 19-03-2013 10 07 34 Photo 19-03-2013 10 07 36 Homescreen

Same theme on every iDevice is boring we need eye catching themes and icons, it brightens up your mood. I hate looking at my iPhone with those default app icons they look too basic, I have managed to change a few.

In the first picture you’ll see the default app icons have changed into a cooler design app icons.

Ability to change the way you unlock the iDevice such as swiping or a quick-tap.



What do I think about Blackberry Z10?
In comparing with Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5 I still think the Z10 needs more work to be done on its device. The Z10 looks so much alike as the iPhone 5 and people may mistaken it as a next gen iPhone. The casing is very sleek it feels very comfortable in your hand, there’s no problem reaching one end to another. Another thing I like is the back case it does not leave any finger prints although it attracts dust and dirt. You need time to clean the back casing however getting a case cover would do the trick. On the front and back case has a BlackBerry logo. Let’s get on with it!

Performance: Dual Core 1.5GHz with 2GB RAM
Rear Camera: 8 Megapixel with LED Flash
Front Camera: 2 Megapixel
Screen: 4.2inch LCD 1280×768 355ppi
Internal Storage: 16GB (External Storage: Up to 32GB with MicroSD)
Battery: 1800mAh

Very easy to snap a photo without any problem. I have taken a few snaps and all shots are the same, most are not as clear as I thought to be.

BlackBerry World
It’s good to see BBW is doing well, still need improvement. BBW need to split up the paid and free apps. One thing I noticed you can share the app via BBM, Facebook, Twitter etc. Hopefully to see more apps in the upcoming months.

The screen consists 4 columns and 4 rows with a total of 16 apps. You can add folders by selecting an app and overlap with another.

Very neat way to unlock Z10 there is no button on the front, just swipe up from the bottom to unlock.

Touchscreen Sensitivity
Very smooth indeed. So far I have not experienced any lag or slow response in touch sensitivity.

Notification (Top Bar)
Good to see toggles within the notification bar I love the fact they have the Settings app there.

Notification (Side Bar)
Swipe from the left until you see all the notifications from BBM, Text Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Calls. Very handy feature for mobile users.

A nicely layout of each setting, more user friendly than the Android version.

DSC00012 Left – Blackberry Z10

Right – iPhone 5



Address: 58 Pak Hok Ting St  Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2601 2111

Have not tried out their food before, but smell lovely at the restaurant.

Staff Service
Polite and friendly staff at Royal Park although their English wasn’t that clear. I had difficulties understanding them.

Room Cost
I booked a standard room over website for £130. During checking in the hotel the staff upgraded our room into a 1-bedroom suite :D which usually cost £180 per night. It must have been the Amex card I’m using they’ve upgraded our room for free.

Room Facilities
Three main points I want to let you know, firstly the internet connection is not free you have to pay at least $40 per hour for internet access. Secondly the mini fridge only consists 4 cans of drinks and no snacks, and thirdly the room smell like sewage. Which it wasn’t a big problem until we turned on the air-con at maximum to clear all that smell away. Another point I want to mention is that the bathroom, the bathtub is ridiculous small along with the shower system. It’s worse than my parent’s shower system, hardly any water inside.
Entrance/Main Room – Phone facility, dining table, desk table, large TV
Bedroom – Large TV, coffee/tea facility, fridge

Transport to Airport
Shuttle Bus (It’s actually a private hire MPV)
There is a minimum charge of HKD$140 per person, and you would need to book a time slot preferably 12-24 hours before you depart from the hotel.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Royal Park Hotel with my fiancee. Hopefully next time I will be sickness free so I can tour around in Hong Kong.



Grabbed 2 of these in Challenger, Singapore. Under S$50 each what a bargain. Will be testing these little devices tomorrow morning.

D-Link DCS-930L


Hill Climb Racing iPhone Android Game Addictive

Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free (Price can be differ check at AppStore)

This game is very addictive, great job to the Fingersoft developers of this game. You may find it tricky to pass each hill just remember to brake each time you’re going down a slope. It works for me though. Collect as many coins as you can, use the coins to buy car upgrades such as engine, suspension etc. 10/10


Finally I have an iMac on my desk, I always wanted an iMac ever since I was 16. Now I can watch movies on my 21.5inch screen :-P


Review Coming Soon!