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Web Hosting

In the year of 2010 March I brought a shared hosting package at JustHost, one of the cheapest package deal on the net I heard many good reviews and people said their uptime was 100% fantastic. So why not I went for it, and they did say their uptime is great. Of course, every sales person say that all the time; luring the customer to come to you.

Months later I start to have issues such as firewall, blocked IP, unusual downtime for many hours. The longest downtime I had was 3-4 hours, very unacceptable. They continue to say “it will be back up very soon”, how soon? Am I going to wait hours and hours and stare at the monitor til it’s up. Normally hosts will send an email to every client/customer to notify about the downtime or maintenance on their network.

Nine months into the service even more frustrating, my IPs were blocked by their server. Even my workplace as well, I did not enter the password incorrect if I did, an error will occur. Asked them many times to check and verify my IPs are not blocked by their server. In the end they said the server has issues and requires more time to look into it. What server is this anyway??? I owned a dedicated server before, 3-4 years ago and I had over 250 websites on a dual core with 2gb ram and I had 2 hiccups in a year (1 is network failure and 1 is router upgrade). As for JustHost it went down nearly every month, I cannot stand the service being offline all the time.

Soon I will be moving many of my sites to HostDime and maybe others, as I am still looking for good hosts out there.

At that time I have been trying to find a reliable dedicated server host, after many companies such as FDC Servers, LiquidWeb, The Planet, Dinix (yes I know they are crap before) etc. I found a listing on Google stating they have reliable stable network for dedicated servers; it’s a newly established company I mean why not and try it out.

I first talked to Mary Hall about my requirements and what is needed for my website as I ran a huge forum that time (now it’s closed). I went for the AMD Opteron 2GB RAM, and 250GB for a price of $159 plus cPanel $25 I think, so a total of $174. Not bad for a dedicated server, but it’s fast enough to support my forum. I also brought another server which I use for download/uploading an internet service for customers who have difficulties in downloading. I got a bargain server here :D

During my 1st year with them it was outstanding, the network was strong and I didn’t receive much downtime except for the fact they had maintenance on their network, routers and stuff. I do understand that needs to be done, other than that it was great.

You may see customers complaining about their servers, service and network. Well in this world, every individual is different with different views on each service they get. If they’re in luck they’ll receive good service.

I’m a very satisfied customer, I love their service, network, and especially their helpful staff. Plus I love my server very much. Kudos to SoftLayer! If you want a dedicated server, try SoftLayer!

I guessed WebFusion is not my favourite afterall, interface which is not my style. I still prefer cPanel so I chose HostDime instead. After many hours of host hunting I have finally found my ideal host. They’re located in UK which it’s a bonus for me and my customers. As I manage my parents business (Chinese Takeaway), we have an online order system which lets our customers order their deliveries online. I had poor service with JustHost, then onto WebFusion which I cannot enter the FileManager stating that the FTP or password is not correct. I have entered more than 10 times, got so frustrated so I’m better off choosing another host.

One good thing I see from HostDime is that they have their nameservers stated in their welcome email, unlike WebFusion I had to search from place to place. So far I’m happy with HostDime although I only been with them for 24 hours, but soon you will see another a review from me again.

P.S I’m on their Reseller Hosting, great price and so far the best.

Today I brought a monthly package deal from Web Fusion for my parent’s business, as majority of our custtomers are from UK it would be better to purchase web hosting from UK data centers. As I have done research on the net looking for a reliable and good uptime, Web Fusion is my chosen host. I have subscribed to their plan for 1 month, see how things are going. If their uptime is 100% satisfaction, I’ll continue staying with them until I have bad experience.

Currently I am hosting on JustHost, and you know their uptime is quite poor. Today I have lost many customers, tried to use the card facility over the internet but failled to use our website due to host issues. Hopefully Web Fusion is better than Just Host. I will write a review about their service and control panel in the next few days.

I have been with since February 2009 until today, as I have decided to cancel my VPS server with them. It is very hard to let it go because their service is the best, they provide good support and the hardware is outstanding. Since I am having trouble with my funds lately I have to cancel it. The uptime is 100% perfect, my VPS server never went down except one time I screwed up some settings. Other than that it is great like a rock.

I highly recommend this host to anyone out there who requires cheap VPS hosting. They do great deals there, and their staff is top notch. You can never go wrong with HostV.