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Software Reviews


Price: £29.95 (Price can be differ due to currency exchange rates)


  • Video Downloader for YouTube and over 100,000 other video sites.
  • Music Downloader for GrooveShark, Pandora, Jango and many more.
  • Automatically Converts to all popular device and file formats.
  • iTunes Friendly: Send to iTunes as you go.
  • It’s Fast – Capture videos up to 10x faster than playback speed.
  • It’s Easy – Just surf the web. Anything you watch or listen to is captured.

One of my favourite Mac media recorder, I love using this software. It records anything you stream online, it downloads the file and convert to any extension you select. For less than £30 it’s worth to have on your Windows/Mac. It also captures flash player media such as music and videos.
I have tested a few websites and most websites cannot be recorded. So if you are worried that a media file you tried to download has failed, send me a message and I will try it out for you.

Price: $39.95


  • Record real-time TV and radio streams with various formats: Windows Media, Real Media, Shoutcast (WinAmp);
  • Capture Flash videos from web sites like YouTube, Google Video and others;
  • Save to your hard disk on-demand streams;
  • Record videos with scheduler;
  • Capture all streams without any quality loss;

One of the best stream recorders in the market I had no problems using this software. Just go ahead and open your stream file, it automatically picks up the media file and start downloading it onto your computer. Why wait now, start buying this great software. I highly recommend this software to anyone who had difficulties downloading streamed files over the net.

Price: Price varies, depend on your country. I live in UK, and the price plus VAT £35.99

Description of Software
Spyware Doctor delivers powerful antispyware protection with minimal impact to your PC.

It defends your computer against malware attacks with multiple techniques using proactive, reactive, and automatic protection to stop threats at every entry point. Now includes memory scanning, behavior profiling, and protection report cards to provide up-to-date protection and status monitoring for your PC.

My Review
I have been using this software for more than 4 years now and I love it very much. Not only this software can detect spyware, it can find trojans, adwares, malwares etc. I run this program every 2 days as set via schedule task. This software does not use much storage space nor using memory resources. I would recommend this software to anyone out there, it is outstanding. The interface is very user-friendly, ease of navigating the menu options, an option to optimize your computer system.

For £36 it is worth to invest on your computer, getting rid of those threats and make it spyware-free!