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Who’s ere got an accent? I’m born in Cornwall that makes me a Cornish boy but I don’t have that accent as parents aren’t Cornish at all. Even I’m raised up in Cornwall I still don’t have that accent, most of my friends are proper Cornish; love hearing it. Alright cocker!

I have a website to show you guys, provides you information about UK accents. It’s a great site to know what other people talk, most dialects you may not heard before so why not and visit their website now. Plus they have many contests which you can join in now, and win prizes.

bags void are a absolute scam, i bought 300 uk pounds worth of goods from them and every single one turned out to be faulty when i told them about it suddenly they started ignoring me, blocked me on msn, so i added other workers from the company but still the same silent treatment or they would ask me to buy more stuff from them and they would give me a £50 discount. total rip off and all fake goods. and if you are going to buy from them through paypal buy as goods not as a gift as i did (biggest mistake of my life).


Thanks f.b.a for the post, I appreciate your time in writing the post.

Please be careful when you come across to this website. This site was created a month ago, and domain currently registered to hao lin. See Screenshot below, click to enlarge. I will continue and keep track of these crooks.

Done a quick research on this site, and I found out that this domain belongs to the person hao lin. The same person who owned many scam websites in the past. So beware folks, buy at your own risk! Do your research before anything on the internet.

Location: China
Sells: Electronics
Domain Registered: 20th August 2010

Came across to this website, it seems to be another scam site. No prices, messed up layouts especially in product view. Buy at your own risk, guys and girls!

Location: China
Sells: Electronics
Domain Registered: 6th December 2010

I did a random search on the net and I came across to this website. Everything looks perfect but they left out policies, company with T&C I can smell scam here. The products doesn’t look appealing to me as it is in Euro currency.

I will do more research and later I will confirm you guys about the status of this company. For now buy at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility if you do buy from them.

Location: China
Sells: Electronics
Established: Either in 2006 or 2008, nothing is a fact on their page.

Review Coming Soon!

Location: Pakistan

A friend gave me this website for me to review on.

First off I cannot see how this company can get business, I mean there are many broken English. And I see a very odd thing on their website. The company is based in Pakistan and they state they earn profits in Euros which I do not understand. I thought Pakistan’s currency was Pakistani Rupee, not Euros. Click on the 2nd image to view evidence (red underlined). Also they’re smart enough to hide their domain registration info. Way too suspicious now.

For now I cannot guarantee that this site sells genuine products. I have sent an email to them and I hope I receive an email from them in the next 24 hours.


I think I was cheated by this company,too. I paid $190 for sample via western union couple days before chinese new year festival. Until now, I never heard any sign from them. What should I do ??? Anyone has been visit the company, please suggest…

Hello all,

I have been in contact with Mr. Abo Li of Lu-Trading for the last 2 months and after verification i have placed a very small order worth $500.

Those of you who have traded with this company before, can you please tell me if they are worthy doing business with?

Waiting for your comments



Thanks azman for the info. I believe that this website is a scam, as their website looks incomplete and I feel that it doesn’t feel right. Someone that is behind the website want to take our money away and run.

I know a friend who is intending to visit them as her client wants to purchase 2000 iPhones.

Company Name: huihong Trading Co., Ltd
Location: China
Sells: Electronics
Domain Registered: December 18th 2010