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Another website here explaining how to jailbreak your iDevice, don’t be fooled guys. You can easily follow these tutorials for free on the Internet and jailbreak your iDevice for free.

You got to be kidding, WE can unlock our iPhone with iOS 5.0.1. Come on, unlocks are not available on the net plus no jailbreak software has release. Plus it’s a scam anyways, they’ll definitely give you the redsn0w tutorial and limera1n/jailbreakme software.

Another jailbreak scam site which I found on the net. Please avoid. Jailbreaking your iDevice is always free!

Watch the video at the this page

It’s funny to hear that they said it can support all iDevices, and purchase this wonderful package from $xx. Guess what? You don’t have to pay anything if you watch videos on YouTube, it’s free. Avoid this site!

Here’s another scam site, you can almost identify the site’s content is identical; the layout. Definitely avoid, and don’t purchase. If you did, ask for a refund or open a dispute on PayPal.

Whenever it comes to jailbreaking your iDevice it is always free from the internet, you do not have to pay a single penny towards it. Unless you wanna make a donation that’s a different story. Don’t buy anything from this website at all, they’re just using free software which created by the dev team and resell it for money just like any other jailbreak scams. Also the testimonials are fake, how can you unlock your iPhone 4S when it’s not even available yet. MUST AVOID!

mainetti group is really deceiving absolute FAKE permanently and receive money CAPACITY to never send anything in email answering directly up to pay them money after not occur either in one and only phone that have the thief is the mudasir ahmad


Thanks to simos for the post!

I got a girl from Hongkong Baikail Development Co., Limited company named Anna who promised me that she will send a sony waio laptop to me so i made a bank transfer for $287 on 10/1/2011, but until 26/1/2011 she said that i havint received your money and she vanished no contact after that before a week i got hold of her by using another id when i asked her she is saying we did not receive the money but i am sure that she has and she is trying to cheat me and go away with my money. And also i am sure that with my money they have got the gold key membership in trade key. This is a Fraud company don’t beleive it. No products to sell. Thank You.


Thanks Venkat for the post I appreciate it.

bags void are a absolute scam, i bought 300 uk pounds worth of goods from them and every single one turned out to be faulty when i told them about it suddenly they started ignoring me, blocked me on msn, so i added other workers from the company but still the same silent treatment or they would ask me to buy more stuff from them and they would give me a £50 discount. total rip off and all fake goods. and if you are going to buy from them through paypal buy as goods not as a gift as i did (biggest mistake of my life).


Thanks f.b.a for the post, I appreciate your time in writing the post.

See, I told you. Their site is offline now, what a waste of time and money. If you have been a victim, please post your comments below.