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Le Whif is an amazing way to inhale the taste of chocolate and various other sweet and gooey things without putting on a single pound, yes that’s right no calories!

Simply crack open one of these tiny tubes of tempting tastiness and suck away! A light film of flavour will coat the inside of your mouth (it’s non-toxic) and delight your tastebuds, just as if you’d had a nibble of something sweet. Le Whif Chocolate delivers the taste of chocolate with less than one calorie.

No calories, no pesky wrappers to fumble with, and a delicious range of flavours, these are perfect little items to carry around for those moments when you fancy “just a taste”. This mixed pack has three flavours – chocolate with raspberry, plain old chocolate and mint chocolate. So stick one in your bag when you’re on-the-go, and answer those sweet-tooth cravings whenever you like. Whif away!

How does Le Whif work?
A single puff from Le Whif normally puts about 40 milligrams of chocolate in your mouth. These particles are too large to enter your lungs, but when you breathe, they are directed from the inhaler to the sides of your mouth, creating a taste sensation!

Using Le Whif:
Place Le Whif between your lips, and breathe in gently. Tiny particles of chocolate are picked up by the air stream and enter your mouth, falling onto your tongue. The inhaler sprays particles of chocolate into your mouth and suddenly you have an experience of flavour.

Origins of Le Whif:
Le Whif was invented by David Edwards, a Harvard Professor of Biomedical Engineering, with the help of Michelin-rated chef Thierry Marx. It works by utilising particle engineering, which reduces particles so that they’re small enough to be airborne, but too large to enter the lungs.

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Overall Review
The chocolate flavour isn’t the same as hot chocolate powder there is a slight taste difference. I only brought this product LeWhif just for fun and entertainment purposes. The cost of this product is quite steep, ain’t worth the money at all. I wouldn’t recommend LeWhif to anyone else, way too expensive and the powder itself doesn’t taste as good.

Had a taste at this coffee and it tastes great, if you like rich and less strong this is the coffee to go for. I added a teaspoon of sugar, I can’t drink with all the bitterness in my mouth :D

£3.68 per case (check website for details)

Ordered 2 boxes from Dolce Gusto website, much cheaper than

Taste very good highly recommended, love the caramel flavour.

£3.68 per case (check website for details)


A price for each wristband is £20∼ (promotions available from time to time, check their website out)

Fantastic delivery, arrived within 48 hours without any problems plus it’s free. (It might differ from time to time, check their website out)

Does it work?
I have worn the band for 4 weeks and found it very effective.

  • More strength
  • Less tired
  • Great appetite
  • Great sleep (Sleep 8-10 hours)

Overall Review
I love their wristbands very much, it feels great and you can select the sizes you want. I heard good reviews via YouTube and Facebook, and why not I join in the community and try out the wristband; I paid £10 for it (it was on promotion) still a bargain to me. I used this wristband for the purpose of my elbow due to the fact I sprained it a few months back. I tried using herbal oil for 3 weeks, and the problem persists so I came across to Infinity Pro website. Done some research, watched video clips and made up my mind, “I’m gonna buy it just for the sake of my elbow.” After 4 weeks I can still feel the pain of my elbow but not as heavy as before which is good. (Will post another update once my elbow has recover)

I can honestly say that Infinity Pro is a top notch company you can trust, great service and great products. You cannot go wrong with Infinity Pro. Why wait!? Visit their site now and grab a wristband!

Great product. Made 2 eggs today by using the silicone egg poacher, very easy to use. I cooked them for 6-7 minutes as I like my yolks to have some juice. You can grab a pair of these for £2.49 from eBay.

This product is great for men who have acne problems, blackheads, oily skin, pimples, you name it. I have been using Oxy Daily Wash everyday since November 2008, and all I can say is “Wow”. My skin has become less oily than before, sorry I don’t have a before and after photo. But this product really work, some individuals may not work due to heavy skin problems. It’s better to see your GP for more help and prescribe medication for you.

It’s not cheap using Oxy Daily Wash. It cost me about £4.49 in the supermarket, some areas may be cheaper or do promotion offers. If you do find this product cheaper than £4.49 please post a comment below.

Use it twice a day, and everyday. It can last for a month depending the amount you squirt out.