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So many people asking me whether Unlock Codes 2u is a scam site or not. I recently post a review in here about their service. Their service is not 100% great but if you feel like purchasing them I’m not blocking your way, you’re more than welcome to purchase their unlocks. Even I have other mobile handsets I can just pop down to my nearest mobile shop and ask them to unlock it for you, prices from free to £10. If you’re paying £20 or over get your money back and try elsewhere. Unlocks doesn’t cost that much, they only use software to unlock your handset; nothing special about it.

Unlock Codes 2u is a paid website providing you techniques how to unlock your mobile handset. All you need to do is to enter your IMEI (Enter *#06# on your mobile) 15 digits into the box. Then you will be directed to page which displays your mobile handset model, and you have to choose your network. The price for this service is £3.99 which I do think they should charge it for free.

After payment they’ll send a list of instructions how to unlock your mobile handset. Most people think they have the solution to unlock, or should I say “They are making money from posting free instructions which are already available on many websites.”

I do not think this service is worth £3.99, a simple 5 methods which we can do for free without the need of paying them the money. I am more than welcome to post the list of unlock methods on my blog, send me an email to and I’ll send it straight away. All the instructions there are pointless anyway, but worth reading it if you want to unlock your mobile device.

Just to prove that I am telling the truth, I have uploaded a few screenshots of my transaction.

Avoid using this website for mobile unlocks. Search for free unlock instructions on the net, no need to pay.