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Do they really guarantee the battery usage? Before I turned it on I had 100% battery now it’s 13% during the 3-hour of use. A mix of iMovie, iTunes and browsing the web. Interesting info here, I thought it would be longer. Still I got to do further tests before I post a full review about the battery.

iMovie is a great video editing software I am so addicted to it, now I’m going to use it everyday for my videos. Camera is good with the effects I uploaded a video on YouTube, a funny one though. Not worth to watch I was only trying out the camera.

I love the keyboard so much, better than other notebooks out there. My Samsung’s keyboard has the similar keyboard as this. The trackpad is massive just wow!

Finally! After posting tweets so many days I got my hands on a MacBook Pro 15-inch. I was considering a 17-inch but after I taken it out the Mac it was huge, same size as my Logitech keyboard :S I’ll just stick with my 15-inch instead, it’s big enough for my work. I tend to use this MacBook for graphics design and video editing.

First impression of a MacBook Pro, very stylish, cool gadget to keep, and magnificent touch. I love the keyboard, the optical drive, the screen is brilliant. Now I definitely cherish this beast well, taking extra care of it.

Will post an update this week on my MacBook Pro.