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iPod Touch

Will be downloading and testing iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS, and later on my iPhone 4. Will let you know how I get on with the iOS 5.

My 3 iDevices are all jailbroken and I love using Cydia to install 3rd party apps and tweaks. As for an original iDevice it cannot install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak it. I would love to see that Apple can implement more changes to the software such as infinitie apps for categories, theme customization or maybe a queue feature for AppStore. Everytime I scrolled down to 76th app, starts downloading it and installed. Going back to AppStore, and I had to scroll all the way down again. I don’t mind doing that again, but it’s time consuming. I like the way how Cydia manage their packages, confirm the package you want to download, set it queue list and after you have managed to find what you want. Hit confirm to install all packages onto your iDevice.

Let’s hope that Apple will make changes to the software very soon.

There is no point of having an iPod Touch 4th Generation where we already have an iPhone 4. The fourth generation of the iPod Touch will be having the same or near specs as the iPhone 4 just without the phone feature. I still don’t get the point of seeing Apple releasing this iGadget. I know most of you disagree as you do not have an iPhone and prefer buying an iPod Touch for games, music and videos. Other than that I can’t think a better reason to release the iPod Touch.

Look at this website, another one which I saw on my facebook. Someone recommend this site for unlocks and jailbreaks and it actually worked on him. There are no paid jailbreaks however there is a small fee to unlock your iPhone done by a mobile specialist or via your mobile network provider. Other than that if you are patience you can wait until the free iPhone unlock to release. Which it will be available tomorrow, or some time this week.

Do not pay unlocks/jailbreaks via, save your cash for free unlocks/jailbreaks. Respect the creators work.

I just jailbroken my iPod Touch 3rd Generation and I can see the Cydia app on the home screen. This is wicked! At first I had trouble downloading the software, after following chpwn tweets I finally got it to work.

Wow! Jailbreaking is legal, this article explains everything but still it voids the customer’s warranty. Apple thinks that we should not jailbreak as it could damage the iDevices resources. That is true to some folks out there who have no experience with jailbreak software or iDevices. The thing is we can modify the iDevice into a better device such as SBSettings, custom ringtones, colour themes, using your iPhone as wifi hotspot and etc.

If you still think jailbreaking is not a very good idea, then don’t jailbreak your iDevice. Keep it original.

Most people are getting really excited about the latest iDevice from Apple, it’s iPod Touch 4th Generation. It has been said that this device might have a 5 megapixel camera built-in plus a front facing camera. This sounds interesting especially to the people who do not want to spend hundreds of pounds of getting the iPhone 4 when you can have the same specs without the phone mode. Ideally if you are thinking to have a music player or a device to play games, watch videos and using apps then the iPod Touch is suitable for you.

I really wonder what other things they added to the iPod Touch, we haven’t seen much cooler stuff yet. I have seen many prototypes of the iPod Touch 4G, I guess it’s the same design as iPod Touch 3rd Generation with additional cameras built-in.