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iPhone and iPod Tips

You cannot respring your iPhone unless you have jailbroken your device. Follow this video and once you are done with it. Click on this link to view the video.

Do you want custom ringtones for your iPhone? Default ringtones sound dull, why not have your favourite artist on your iPhone today. Your iPhone must be jailbroken to use this feature (there is an alternative way, will be posting a guide up very soon), and you can use your existing songs for your ringtone.

1) Go to Cydia and Search for Ringtones3
2) Install the app
3) You should see the app on your Home Screen. Tap on it.
4) A picture of a guitar is displayed, wait a few moment.
5) Tap on Start Converting
6) List of your playlists, albums, songs on the page. Select your chosen song.
7) You will have 2 options, for quick and easy process. Tap on Quick Conversion.
8) Wait a minute or two.
9) Upon completion, go to Home Screen.
10) Settings >>> Sounds >>> Ringtone
11) Select your converted ringtone as your default ringtone.

Note: This plugin does not work on the latest firmware iOS4 is a website providing unlocks and jailbreaks to your iPhone, can unlock your iPhone even you have the latest firmware. They are selling $24.99 for the software to unlock our iPhones plus jailbreaking it. Everyone thinks these kind of sites are trusted and worth to buy, I don’t think so. I already experienced their service before and to be honest with you, it is very poor.

I paid them via PayPal, they sent me a link to view the unlocks and the jailbreaking methods. The page displays the current unlocks/jailbreaks including Blackra1n which is free to use, no need to pay unless you want to donate to the creator of the software. is just redistributing their software and resell it for cash, that is a hoax. Why would you pay for a jailbreak when you can use it for free??? I am telling you to avoid all of these unlocking and jailbreaking websites, you shouldn’t be browsing them at all.

Few hours later that day I emailed their support and they did not reply to my emails, so I opened a dispute to get my funds back. First they asked me why did I opened a dispute, then onto “We provide good unlocks and jailbreaks, we won’t disappoint you.” I told them I want an immediate refund as the description on their site is not accurate enough, they are reselling the creators’ software without permission.

People behind these sites must be immature, they think they can get a way with this. But in the end customers will start complaining about their service and support, lacking of unlocks and jailbreaks.

If you are like me then you are doing the right thing. Open a dispute and get your money back. Never trust them.

Here’s a list of sites that you should highly avoid to purchase jailbreaks and unlocks. All of these sites are using the iPhone hackers’ work. They have no permission in any way to redistribute their software or resell them for cash.

There are many on the web, these sites are the main ones which I found in top results.

Has this ever happen to you before? The Apple logo stays on your screen for longer than 30 minutes, tried to load in recovery mode and failed?
Basically you cannot do anything else to the iPhone unless you do a full restore to the device. The iPhone itself has a software problem, this happens when you have jailbreaked your iPhone, which my friend’s iPhone went mad earlier on. Apple logo stayed on the device for an hour, then it restart itself, Apple logo stayed on for another 30 mins, and restart the device again.
To resolve this issue you can either take it to your Apple store and ask them to fix it. Or do a full restore which mean no jailbreaking depends the availability of the jailbreak software. I done a full restore on my friend’s iPhone, and it took 45 mins to download and restore the device. iPhone 3G takes quite a long time to restore, no wonder they made a 3GS.
If the Apple logo stays on the device and you have tried restoring and it does not help. Or the logo does not fade away. I advised you to take it to your Apple store and they will be happy to assist you.

If you ever have cracked applications on your iDevice it is highly recommended not to sync via iTunes as you will lose the cracked apps. To retain the apps, first you must sync the data you need on your iDevice. Then later you can install apps via Installous or any other way you prefer. Just remember do NOT sync via iTunes, apps and app data will be deleted from your iDevice.

Method #1

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Select Manage >>> Sources
  3. Tap on Edit >>> Add
  4. Tap on Add Source – It’ll then download the repo to your iPhone, just ignore the errors and continue the process. After it’s done, it’ll prompt you to return Cydia.
  5. Tap on Done
  6. Tap on and look for Installous
  7. Install the App and let it run.
  8. Tap on Home button on your iPhone, should see an app called Installous.
  9. You can either search the app in Installous, although price are stated in the description the apps are 100% free.

Method #2

  1. Do Steps 1-7 from above.
  2. Whilst on Cydia, Search for afc2add and install it
  3. Reboot the device.
  4. Download this app onto your computer, it may come handy for future use.
  5. Unzip folder and run the software.
  6. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac
  7. Go into iPhone >>> Raw File System >>> var >>> mobile >>> Documents >>> Installous >>> Downloads
  8. Drag and drop your app in there (you can find cracked iPhone apps on torrents, websites, forums etc.)
  9. Go back to your iPhone and go into Installous
  10. Tap on Downloads and you should see your app
  11. Tap on it to install.