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I did say couple weeks ago I wouldn’t get the New iPad as specs were very similar to the iPad 2. I went ahead and brought the New iPad 64GB 4G+Wi-Fi, even though my side has slow speeds. Why did I buy the New iPad? My sister has always wanted an iPad but never had the money to get one so I decided to give my iPad 2 to her instead, how generous I am. I think she’ll be using it for Netflix, games and stuff.

Enough about my sibling talk let’s get on the tech review.

Firstly, the screen is magnificent, beautiful, crystal clear as you are watching HD photos. You cannot say anything more than that, tried a few HD games and let me tell you something ‘Wow!’. I managed to download a few high end games and will be testing it later today. Everything is the same as iPad 2 I don’t see any difference other than the screen and graphics.

Secondly, I have not received any Wi-Fi issues nor any overheating problems with my New iPad. Will report them in the future if I do have any.

Thirdly, I heard that smart covers might not work with the New iPad. I have a blue smart cover from Apple which I brought last year along with my iPad 2 and it works just fine. No problems there.

If you are a gamer, grab the New iPad!

The new iPad has released today in the UK and many countries worldwide, prices start from £399 (Price might be differ due to different currencies). Do you think the new iPad is the best tablet PC you ever own? Will it replace your iPad 2? Is it worth of getting of the new iPad? To be honest I wouldn’t bother buying the 3rd generation unless you are a fan of gaming and digital media. I was expecting an A6 chip built in within the iPad, but then again Apple likes to make profits so instead releasing the high spec iPad they have installed an A5X chip, quad core graphics.

The camera is the same as the iPhone 4s using the same technology, so no hopes with the 8 Megapixel. Battery life is still the same as before, 10 hours.

I personally own the iPad 1st and 2nd generation, not a huge fan of gaming but I like to explore gadgets. I just don’t think the iPad 3rd Gen is right for me, nothing fascinating except the graphics. If you don’t have an iPad yet you can go ahead and buy the iPad 3rd Gen.

Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: £0.69 (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

Here’s another game I would like to recommend, Jelly Defense. All those little creatures wanna snatch those crystals, to stop preventing them taking it away we have to build a defense structure. Must follow tutorial at first time, I didn’t have a clue how to set it up. Overall the game was fun, can be addictive if you continue to play longer. I stopped for now, will carry on later tonight and see if I’ll end up playing it very late.

I am seriously addicted to this game now, I love it very much. I like the background music, very cute. This game is definitely 10/10 for me, it’s fun and you cannot stop playing it. If you don’t have this game on your iPad or iPhone, get it now. You won’t be disappointed.

I have been waiting for this for a long time, ever since I placed an order on Apple store on the 22nd of June I have been waiting days and weeks for this to arrive in the post. I also ordered a blue smart cover to go along with the iPad 2. Will be using it later today and installing my favourite games Asphalt6 :P

Will be downloading and testing iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS, and later on my iPhone 4. Will let you know how I get on with the iOS 5.

  • Triple or Quad Core Chip
    • Great for games and application which uses a lot of memory and cpu usage.
  • Greater Flash Memory
    • 64GB is not enough for our gamers, especially you have games range 400-600MB. Plus music, videos and photos an estimate of 10GB or more. I would really love to see 128GB.
  • USB Port/Card Slot
    • I was hoping to see a USB port for the iPad 2. Hopefully they will consider adding one for the next generation.
  • Longer Battery Life
    • Battery goes flat after a few hours on action games, hoping to see longer battery life.

Yes! Apple will be releasing the iPad 2 on March 11th 2011. Not long now for the Americans to grab their precious Apple device. So the iPad 2 has the dual core A5 chip, faster graphics card, HDMI supported, Facetime and cameras. But still we have the 10 hour battery life, was hoping for more. Especially when playing game they run out so fast, after an hour or two on Need for Speed the battery goes down from 100% to 45%.

Apple iPad 2

More information, click the link above. I wonder what’s next for the iPad 3.

My 3 iDevices are all jailbroken and I love using Cydia to install 3rd party apps and tweaks. As for an original iDevice it cannot install 3rd party apps unless you jailbreak it. I would love to see that Apple can implement more changes to the software such as infinitie apps for categories, theme customization or maybe a queue feature for AppStore. Everytime I scrolled down to 76th app, starts downloading it and installed. Going back to AppStore, and I had to scroll all the way down again. I don’t mind doing that again, but it’s time consuming. I like the way how Cydia manage their packages, confirm the package you want to download, set it queue list and after you have managed to find what you want. Hit confirm to install all packages onto your iDevice.

Let’s hope that Apple will make changes to the software very soon.

We shouldn’t have TV license on our iPads, iPad is not a TV and it’s not fair for us to pay additional fees for another device. I think in the near future most households might not have a TV but instead they’ll have a laptop and watch shows via YouTube or streaming websites. TV license is too expensive nowadays especially you don’t even watch TV most of the time, we just surf the net and chat. I seldom watch TV I only watch it when I’m bored of browsing the web or felt like watching TV such as Sky Movies.

I hope the next version of the iPad should have a selection of colours to choose from, such as white, blue, purple, green, orange. I know some websites sell coloured iPads with a higher price, and that’s only the 1st generation. Would there be a market for the coloured iPads in the future? Do Apple care about the colour of the device or the functions of the iPad?

Since the iPad is featured as a tablet PC they should add a sound button, which enable/disable the sound of the device. Most users probably want this function on their iPads, rather than pressing hardly on their volume button.