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Hardware Reviews

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I have been a victim, I brought many of them and all are fake. They are just replicas at cheap price, plus they state it’s 32GB but if you use a test software you can clearly see the total capacity is 2GB. Only a small amount of cards have this kind of problem. It is adviseable to avoid buying MicroSD cards from China. Only look for the genuine traders from Kingston or SanDisk.

Coming soon!

I brought this lovely dual hard drive enclosure at Ebuyer for £62, the enclosure has 2 slots each drive is maximum to 2TB which gives you a total capacity of 4TB. At the moment I have 2TB in the enclosure, as I swap the drives around all the time. This device use 2 different connections, eSATA and USB. RAID is available to use on the enclosure. I don’t bother using the RAID option.

The design of the enclosure is nice, I love the aluminium casing. Fans are very cool within the case, to retract heat from the drives inside. One disadvantage with this hardware is the noise, as soon you switch it on it sounded like a shaver. It is much more louder than the 4 bay hard drive enclosure which I reviewed not long ago.

In conclusion the hardware is great I give 10/10 for it, it’s fast and easy to use.

I purchase this router last year around February to replace the Belkin as it was giving me dropped connections all the time. The Netgear DGN2000 is a good stable DSL router which supports many network protocols and have a high security features. I love their URL filtering, I used to have it on when my sister is surfing on the internet. Locks her out from the website, even on YouTube, Facebook, Bebo etc.
The design on the router is good, nearly the same design for the rest of Netgear products. If leaving your router switched on 24/7 the base will be extremely hot, it is advisable to turn off every now and then to avoid excessive heat.
I would rate this as 9/10 as the router only last for 17 months, and the ports start to fail by one and the other. Often the port turns to orange for some odd reason, may need to explore that later.

I ordered this item from Ballicom International yesterday and received it this morning, highly satisfied with their delivery service. I love this device so much, I have been searching for it a long time. As I frequently download large files from the Internet, I use this for swapping drives from PC to PC.

Installation took less than 5 minutes, connect to PC and you’re ready to go. There are 4 fan modes, LEDs for each hard drive bay. It’s a great multibay hard drive enclosure. Definitely will purchase another one very soon.

Currently I have 2 drives mounted in there, Seagate Barracuda 1TB and Western Digital 640GB. It’s a lovely piece of gadget.