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Review Coming Soon!

Review Coming Soon!

After 12 months of using this coffee machine it is the best appliance I have used, for the ease of making hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino, nesquik etc. Many flavours are available on their website, it’s cheaper than buying it from and eBay.

A normal drink takes around a minute or so depend on your chosen drink (1 or 2 pods). For a nice hot drink switch on your appliance and leave it for a minute or two until the temperature has arisen. Insert your drink pod and enjoy your hot beverage.

Product Description

The heart-shaped lychee fruit originates from southern China. The rose-coloured skin breaks away to reveal the sweet, juicy, almost translucent white flesh which contains a single brown seed.The flavour of canned lychee has been popular in the UK, but only fresh fruits retain the characteristic delicate perfume found in Rubicon Exotic Fruit Drink. It is made with orchard-fresh, hand-picked fruits so that the fragrant, luscious and delicately sweet flavour of the fruit is always maintained.


Water, Lychee Juice (18%), Sugar, Malic Acid, Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), Vitamin C, Flavourings

  • Made with the finest hand picked lychees
  • Not with concentrate
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • No preservatives, artificial colourings or sweeteners
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

The Rubicon Lychee juice taste very good, you can actually taste the trueness of the fruit. Another positive thing is that there is no preservatives, colourings and sweeteners; BONUS. Buy it, chill it, add ice and drink it; taste well nice with ice. Recommended to any lychee lovers out there. The drink can brought in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons etc. or you can buy it in bulk at Bookers or

Had a taste at this coffee and it tastes great, if you like rich and less strong this is the coffee to go for. I added a teaspoon of sugar, I can’t drink with all the bitterness in my mouth :D

£3.68 per case (check website for details)

Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797
Telephone: +65 6338 0066

Delicious food. Drinks, appetizers, main course and our desserts. I had to finish my girlfriend’s lasagne, and the desserts all by myself. Lasagne was top hit, I loved it.

Polite and friendly staff at MELT. The waiter was very friendly indeed, was going to give him a tip but he never showed up when we left.

Each item on the menu is at least S$5 so you better get ready with your credit card.

Great experience at the MELT restaurant, I spent the evening with my girlfriend celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary there.

Ordered 2 boxes from Dolce Gusto website, much cheaper than

Taste very good highly recommended, love the caramel flavour.

£3.68 per case (check website for details)

Arrived today, not available in UK shops/stores. Haven’t tried them yet. Just feel like posting pics here :D

At first when I saw this product on the Internet I was like..what the hell is this!!! Why would they call it as Pussy? After a short research on the product, they name it as Pussy because of attention. Actually I like the name of this drink Pussy. It tastes good as well, tropical, grape, nice I wanna drink another can.

Each can is 250ml and the retail price should be around 90 pence. Although their website sells per case rather than individually, £28.99 plus VAT and Postage. The price is reasonable however buying 2 cases will double your shipping fee.

2 cases: £11
3 cases: £17
4 cases: £22

Their delivery service is good, price is bit too steep; a case costs £5.99 for delivery. You can negotiate with them regarding the delivery price. As far as I know they use DHL. Packaging is great but one bad point I need to point out. One of the can was heavily damaged, and made all the cans within that case smell like cat poo. Had to manually clean every single can, even my hands smells. I’m going to contact them later this afternoon and see how it goes. I’m not too fuss if they do give me back my can of Pussy.