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I have over 8 years experience with HTML, started learning HTML since I was 13. In my early teens I created many websites using free hosting providers such as fan sites, entertainment sites, blogs and news sites. All websites done in the past are used with HTML and CSS. Until now I am still using HTML and CSS, although I do not have any examples on my blog. I have already learnt a few programming lessons on HTML 5.0, upgrading myself and gain more knowledge on HTML 5.0. After I have full experience plus HTML 5.0 I will build a website using that language, and post it on my blog (source code will be shown as well).

I have over 5 years experience with cPanel/WHM Control Panel, managing linux servers for almost 6 years by myself. At first I find it difficult and clueless as no experience at all. After reading through books and documentation of the software, I start to gain experience and knowledge from my fellow classmates. I can install 3rd party software onto linux servers, administrating, setting DNS up, anything to do with server administrating I can do it. I have helped many clients around the world so why not give a try. Contact me for more information.