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Company Reviews


Address: 58 Pak Hok Ting St  Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2601 2111

Have not tried out their food before, but smell lovely at the restaurant.

Staff Service
Polite and friendly staff at Royal Park although their English wasn’t that clear. I had difficulties understanding them.

Room Cost
I booked a standard room over website for £130. During checking in the hotel the staff upgraded our room into a 1-bedroom suite :D which usually cost £180 per night. It must have been the Amex card I’m using they’ve upgraded our room for free.

Room Facilities
Three main points I want to let you know, firstly the internet connection is not free you have to pay at least $40 per hour for internet access. Secondly the mini fridge only consists 4 cans of drinks and no snacks, and thirdly the room smell like sewage. Which it wasn’t a big problem until we turned on the air-con at maximum to clear all that smell away. Another point I want to mention is that the bathroom, the bathtub is ridiculous small along with the shower system. It’s worse than my parent’s shower system, hardly any water inside.
Entrance/Main Room – Phone facility, dining table, desk table, large TV
Bedroom – Large TV, coffee/tea facility, fridge

Transport to Airport
Shuttle Bus (It’s actually a private hire MPV)
There is a minimum charge of HKD$140 per person, and you would need to book a time slot preferably 12-24 hours before you depart from the hotel.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Royal Park Hotel with my fiancee. Hopefully next time I will be sickness free so I can tour around in Hong Kong.

Company: B. R. Johnson & Co
22 Pond Lane, Redruth, Cornwall. TR15 1BQ
Telephone: 01209 218600
Specialize in: N/A
What do they do: Services, Repairs, MOT, etc.

Looking for a MOT? Car fixes? Servicing old cars? Try these guys, they are top notch. Any small jobs they will do it at a reasonable rate, the mechanic “Buddy” he’s the top man there. Does the job quick and efficient, whenever you have car issues he’s the man to deal with it. Definitely recommend this place.

Address: 6-8 Heathcoat Street, Nottingham. NG1 3AA
Telephone: 0115 950 6615
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: N/A

Products and Stock
Good selection of products on their website. Many products which I brought were mostly in-stock. If product out-of-stock they will give you a call to arrange an exchange or a product refund.

Accept credit cards.

Packing and Delivery
Items are well packed, delivery is very quick handled by Parcelforce. If you order before noon (Monday-Thursday) and choose ‘Next Day Delivery’ you will definitely get it on the next working day. Their standard charge is reasonable, you can choose either Next Day or Standard Delivery; it’s only 60p difference. You might as well and choose Next Day Delivery.

Customer Service
Excellent! Enough said.

Thank you, Oriental Mart! I love my noodles!


Do you have problems with your delivery courier? Parcel not being delivered to the correct address or marked as lost parcel? Do you believe in timed deliveries?

I have a recommendation to you folks out there, if you ever need a good delivery courier then you got to look out for DPD. I had many parcels being delivered in the past by DPD. They also provide you a time of your delivery, bonus. Now you never need to worry about the courier anymore. DPD is the best in the UK, scrap others and go with DPD now. Friendly drivers as always.

This company deserves a ‘Thumbs-Up” badge.

Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797
Telephone: +65 6338 0066

Delicious food. Drinks, appetizers, main course and our desserts. I had to finish my girlfriend’s lasagne, and the desserts all by myself. Lasagne was top hit, I loved it.

Polite and friendly staff at MELT. The waiter was very friendly indeed, was going to give him a tip but he never showed up when we left.

Each item on the menu is at least S$5 so you better get ready with your credit card.

Great experience at the MELT restaurant, I spent the evening with my girlfriend celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary there.

Address: Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Road, Eastville, Bristol. BS5 6XX
Telephone: 0845 873 3388

Products and Stock
Nice selection of products on their website, a lot at their store though :D Products always in stock. Back-in-stock notification is very handy.

Substitutes Service
Not too sure if I had one of my products been swapped before, no further comment.

Accept any credit card payments especially Amex. Every now and then I use my Amex to purchase goods from them.

Packing and Delivery
Items are well packed, delivery is very quick handled by Parcelforce. If you order before noon (Monday-Thursday) and choose ‘Next Day Delivery’ you will definitely get it on the next working day. Love their discounted delivery option only £4.50. Price might differ depends on the weight of your order.

Customer Service
Fantastic. I contact them via Twitter, much easier that way. Internet Rules!

I would like to thank every staff at Wai Yee Hong, top notch for everyone! Wai Yee Hong beats all Chinese supermarkets in the South-West.

Try Wai Yee Hong today, you can never go wrong with them!

Couple days ago I called up Carphone Warehouse due to the fact they did not return my money back to my Amex account. Carphone Warehouse also called Yodel for my parcel status, and investigate further; they promised to call me in the next 48 hours. And guess what they did not call me I had to call them back again. Apparently Yodel has lost my parcel so therefore Carphone Warehouse will be making a claim towards Yodel, and returning my funds to Amex in the 14 working days by cheque. Sweet.

So folks if you ever gonna get a delivery from Yodel, check the consumer first for terms and conditions. It shows that Yodel has lost its reputation by satisfying us and the fact they lose parcels everyday.

Received bad service from Yodel, post your stories at this link

This website is definitely a scam, does not accept PayPal at all. Only to those bank transfers which leads to a huge money loss. Please avoid.

I didn’t know iPhone can support flash. I guessed they are trying to sell me replicas then genuine ones. Screenshot below.

Company: AVS
Address: Unit 9c, Barncoose Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall. TR15 3RQ
Telephone: 01209 212899
Specialize in: Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda
What do they do: Services, Repairs, MOT, etc.

The service was outstanding, very professional. Explained in detail about my car ignition issue (definitely the chain). Also they let you know what has changed/replaced on your car. It is fairly cheaper than going back to the VW dealer, where I used to spend £200 or more on annual service.

I personally recommend this place for your services and repairs. You cannot get anything better than this.

What’s up with their “3 per customer”? I understand that everyone can have a chance to buy the goods but it’s cheap and why not. If they decided to put it on the shelf, we can buy as much as we want.

What do you think?