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Developer: Michael Hill
Price: Free (Price can be differ, check at AppStore)

How to get girls Iphone App is a guide to why you are not getting girls and how you can get girls and improve your life.

This app outlines:
Why you are not getting girls
The psychology of reinforcement to improve your confidence
What behaviours woman really like in a man
Why p***ks get all the girls but you don’t need to be one
Where to meet woman
How to get attention
How to take a girl home
How to get that one girl you want
How to get the girl with a boy friend
How to use all you have learned to improve your life

It has good information, although the app itself is too basic. Reading an article from the Internet is worthwhile then downloading this app. 4/10

Thank you McDonalds! Now we get to see their menu on our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I have been waiting for this update for a long time now. Kudos.