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Every year Apple has the same feature on all iOS devices and most of us are already bored with their features. They haven’t updated much for the notification, mail, app store, lockscreen, wifi, homescreen etc.

NoticationPhoto 19-03-2013 09 41 31
It would be nice to see Apple adding toggle icons at the top of the notification bar, a good easy way to switch off wifi, airplane mode or bluetooth. Apple must add this feature, mobile users are missing it alot.

<<< Screenshot beside is a jailbroken iPhone 5. I added SBSettings onto the notification along with Kamera, BiteSMS, Wifi. It is a lot easier to navigate connectivity on your screen rather than accessing the Settings app, one menu by another (surely it’s very time consuming).


App Store
Throughout the AppStore many apps are paid but it’ll be good to see demo apps. Trying it out for a period of time, then buy the app outright. I have a few apps which I saw last week and I really want to try them out, too bad the app costs £13.49 it’s way too expensive to buy. You never know if the app work on your iDevice, may crash during the process of a command.

They definitely need to sort out the wifi connection even I have updated to the latest firmware on my iPhone and iPad Mini I still get the 1-2 wifi bar(s) even though my iPad 3 is getting a full bar at all times. I had to add an extra powerline adapter in the house for the sake of my iDevices.


  • Adding colours to important emails or accounts.
  • Search through date


Photo 19-03-2013 10 07 34 Photo 19-03-2013 10 07 36 Homescreen

Same theme on every iDevice is boring we need eye catching themes and icons, it brightens up your mood. I hate looking at my iPhone with those default app icons they look too basic, I have managed to change a few.

In the first picture you’ll see the default app icons have changed into a cooler design app icons.

Ability to change the way you unlock the iDevice such as swiping or a quick-tap.